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With more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries and 4,800+ lawyers worldwide, CMS combines deep local market understanding with a global overview, giving us the ability to see what’s coming, and to shape it.

In a world of ever-accelerating change where technology is increasingly important in the deployment of global strategies, our clear, business-focused advice helps clients of every size to face the future with confidence. Our collaborative structure means that every team is empowered to operate and innovate in ways that best meet clients’ needs and the coming issues for local markets. It’s an enterprising approach that’s proven to yield great results.

CMS lawyers are genuine experts in their fields, with a grasp of detail that’s second to none. That depth of knowledge gives us the ability to anticipate challenges – and our collective experience gives us the ability to meet them in innovative and sector-shaping ways.

Our award-winning international tech start-up programme, CMS equIP, works with start-ups in the technology sector to support their growth. The programme has already supported a wide variety of start-ups and, in 2019, CMS launched the #LeadHers campaign to encourage more female-led businesses to apply. The campaign is designed to confront the challenges that female founders face and to make it clear that CMS is here to support them and their businesses.

CMS equIP and #LeadHers

The initial stages of launching a start-up are littered with challenges, and entrepreneurs will encounter a number of growing pains along the way, whether that be keeping your culture alive whilst needing to grow quickly, retaining and incentivising staff and recruiting with the increasing demand of millennials, or ensuring work/life balance and managing founder guilt. But perseverance can conjure the ultimate rewards and prove life-changing for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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