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Huawei believes that in the digital era, women will be a cornerstone of the tech industry.

Increased participation and empowerment of women will open up a whole world of new possibilities and bring new technological and business advancements to the world. Huawei is committed to helping talented women engage in tech and providing more opportunities and platforms for women to unleash their potential and lead us to a more prosperous and equitable future.


Women in STEM in action

We draw inspiration from different places and people. For young girls who have dreams to make it in the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, it’s crucial that they hear it from the very women who know what it’s like to be women in STEM. In this WhoAreWe video, we are fortunate to hear from three amazing women who’ve braved the odds and are making their own marks in their respective fields. Meet Pallavi Malhotra, Huawei ICT Academy Manager in Western Europe; Francesca Babiloni, Computer Vision Researcher from Huawei London Research Lab; and Yao Wenbing, VP Business Development, and Partnerships at Huawei UK. What are some of the advice and encouragement these women offer to the new gen of women of STEM? Stay curious, don’t hold yourself back, do not be afraid of the successes of others, share your joy, and we are all equal, just to name a few. Watch our video and be inspired.

Huawei’s Women in Technology initiative aims to share some of the stories of great female employees and to increase the visibility of gender equality issues.


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