Royal Air Force Engineering

Engineers in the RAF are essential for the success of each mission

They look after and fix all the aircraft communications network and high-tech equipment required to support operations in the air, making sure aircraft like the Typhoon are ready to fly at a moment’s notice in case of need.

This means you could be working on: Aircraft Maintenance, Information Technology systems, Data networks, Ground support vehicles, Weapons technology or Survival equipment.

From Aerosystems Engineers to Communication and Electronic Engineer Officers, plus 10 engineering apprenticeship’s, there are unrivalled engineering opportunities in the Royal Air Force. Technical knowledge goes far beyond anything you would learn in a civilian industry and will continue to grow throughout your career. You will be called on to deploy your skills in some of the world’s most high impact situations – from battle zones to humanitarian crises.


Women in the RAF

Young people often ask, what it is like to be a female in the RAF – this video breaks down myths about the RAF and celebrates the incredibly talented female personnel that contribute to the RAF’s mission. Hear their inspiring stories from what it was like working in Saudi Arabia, and adapting to their culture, to working with the Typhoon aircraft and introducing new capabilities as an Engineering Officer.

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As a Royal Air Force engineer you will be responsible for finding solutions and keeping everything working.

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