“The most impactful contribution we make as colleagues and leaders is to enable everyone to bring their best authentic selves to the workplace, so that we are diverse in every sense of the word and representative of the communities in which we live and work. We see the value in celebrating what makes us unique and are proud to be sponsoring WeAreTechWomen.”

Alison Macpherson, Managing Director, Head of Global Technology Workforce Strategy, J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan

“We are honoured again to be a part of this event that celebrates and empowers those women working in technology who will lead and inspire the next generation of women and men in this field.”

Christina Hamilton, Senior Leader SVP Commercial Development.

“As a cost conscious business we choose our sponsorships carefully. Vanessa and the team at WeAreTheCity easily stand out. With a consistent, energetic message and fantastic learning and growth opportunities the offering is always expanding. What impressed me most last year was the time and consideration that went into the ‘package’ presented to the award recipients of TechWomen100 awards. This was not just a glass award for your shelf. This was an on-going opportunity and membership to a wealth of information and networking to a community of women at the forefront of changing an industry globally. I keep waiting for Vanessa’s call about new ways to get involved. BAE Systems is a very proud supporter and sponsor of WeAreTechWomen.”

Theresa Palmer, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence


“As a woman in technology, it is important to support and empower other women in the field. I want to show other women and girls the contribution they can make to technology industries.”

Deborah O’Neill, UK Head of Digital, Oliver Wyman

“With technology and mathematics increasingly becoming required skillsets – regardless of industry – we must do our part to encourage the pipeline of future female technologist.”

Laura Barrowman, CTO & CISO, Credit Suisse

Informed Solutions

We are proud to support the TechWomen100 Awards and in particular the Tech Network of the Year Award because we believe in the importance of developing digital and business leadership skills, which will fuel efforts to make the UK a digital nation of significance. Networks that support the careers of women in tech through access to resources and learning-based events are keys to us making tangible progress.

More women should be encouraged and prepared to take on business leadership roles. To secure this future, we must first ensure that today’s business culture is fit for purpose. The TechWomen100 Awards identify today’s and tomorrow talent and works to arm them with the digital, commercial and leadership skills they need to be drivers for prosperity, both in terms of positive societal impact as well as profit – we see the two sitting hand-in hand.”

Elizabeth Vega, Group CEO, Informed Solutions

“Given the importance of technology in our world today and tomorrow, it is essential that our products are being developed by diverse teams. The future world of work requires a balanced workforce which accurately represents the society which we serve, in order to build the solutions our customers truly need. Barclays has been a proud sponsor and ally of the WeAreTechWomen conference ever since its inception and is determined to continue creating opportunities for women in technology to rise.”

Piyali Mitra, Managing Director, Group Technology, Barclays

lloyds banking group

“We are proud to sponsor the TechWomen100 awards, which aims to empower and support women in technology. At Lloyds Banking Group we are building the bank of the future, whilst continuing to deliver our mission of helping Britain prosper, and doing so in an inclusive way”

Gill Wylie, Enterprise Transformation Director, Lloyds Banking Group

“We are delighted to support WeAreTechWomen and help encourage more women into technology across our industry. We already work closely with the developer and JavaScript communities in capital markets, through our series of FinJS events, and are keen to see a more diverse representation of talent filling the skills gap of today and tomorrow. This is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long term partnership towards attracting more female talent into our industry.”

Tim Dinsdale, CTO Europe, OpenFin