The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (the RSA) has a rich history spanning over 260 years, and has been at the forefront of various major social impact initiatives.

From promoting inclusive women’s education in the 19th century, through to advocating for universal basic income today. The RSA’s current focus is on creating better futures for people, place, and planet through its Design for Life mission

One notable aspect of the RSA is its Fellowship, a values-based community that has included women since its inception centuries ago. Influential thought-leaders and changemakers include:  

  • Marie Curie, Physicist, Chemist & Nobel-Prize Winner
  • Dame Judi Dench, Actor
  • Bernadine Evaristo, Author 
  • Dame Sarah Gilbert, Vaccinologist 

Despite having such prominent members, the RSA remains an inclusive community open to anyone who shares its values for social change!  

Empowering learning & unlocking opportunities 

RSA Fellows can inspire and be inspired, with like-minded individuals. There are various resources to support your pursuit of social change, including accessing award-winning online and in-person events, the RSA Journal, Podcasts, Blogs and more. Get involved in cutting-edge research, thought-provoking projects, innovative initiatives! 

Connect with others in-person 

The RSA House, located in central London, serves as a dynamic gathering place, a perfect environment to grab a coffee, get on with some work, or enjoy the library. Additionally, you can use coworking spaces across the UK, including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Brighton, and more. 

Belong to a global community 

Joining the RSA Fellowship allows you to connect with a diverse array of like-minded peers globally. You can participate in local, global, or thematic networks, both in-person and online, to collaborate, and share similar passions and goals. Fellows can chat, connect and collaborate, and learn from a growing network of changemakers through the online community platform, Circle. 

Central to the RSA’s vision for change is its Design for Life mission, which aims to enable people, places, and the planet to flourish together in harmony. Fellows can actively contribute to this mission and promote their own social change ideas by engaging with the RSA’s work.  

Are you a changemaker? Become an RSA Fellow 

By contacting [email protected] and using the code ‘WEARETHECITY,’ interested individuals can receive a 25% discount on membership and waive the usual £75 registration fee.