Pamella Barotti

Pamella is a strategic global marketing, communications and advocacy professional with experience across local and global markets. She has worked for start-ups, medium-sized and global organizations throughout her career, including Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and Mastercard.

She has a strong background in developing and implementing successful marketing and communications strategies and multi-channel programs, which increased brand awareness, improved customer and partner experience and supported multi-million-dollar revenue goals.

Pamella has a unique combination of corporate experience across developed and emerging markets, strong academic background, coaching qualifications and a passion for empowering people and organizations to grow and thrive. She has been involved in several Mentoring and Coaching projects for the last seven years.

She designed and launched Learning Development Programs in partnership with The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Museum of Brands in London on a pro bono basis, reaching over 2K marketers and brand professionals in the last few years. Pamella has also created and delivered engaging talks and workshops on Marketing, Innovation and Soft Skills topics to charities and well-known organisations, including Accenture, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Hays and The Museum of Brands.

She is a speaker and mentor at TechHer, and she often delivers talks and workshops to women groups on topics such as Confidence and Wellbeing on a probono basis. She is also a guest lecturer at the University of London and a board member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Greater London, the world’s leading professional marketing body.

Pamella holds a degree in Marketing and Publicity from Mackenzie University and a postgraduate diploma in Strategic Marketing through The Chartered Institute of Marketing. She also attended in-person professional development courses at Harvard University and the University of London.

Being Brazilian, she loves dancing Samba in her spare time and having her ‘Mindfulness Moments’ where she practices yoga and meditation.