Most of my professional life has been spent making sure that people can have a great time in a safe environment.

I started working on the frontline as a door supervisor, and then set up the first female-founded security company. During this time I developed a Conflict Management training program and trained thousands of door staff to resolve conflicts peacefully. My experience in this sector made me aware of how vulnerable people are to theft and how devastating the consequences can be.

I began to research a solution and established what trade and customers wanted -which was a system of keyless smart lockers with phone charging. Since I couldn’t find a suitable product on the market, I recruited a team of engineers, software developers, designers, and IT professionals to build one.

As a female-led start-up with no previous experience or track record, the process of developing an entirely new system involving software, hardware, and IT, utilizing new biometric technology, has had great challenges as well as great opportunities to learn.

I was delighted to be invited to trial the smart lockers system at Nottingham Trent University Student Union, and we successfully installed and tested the system with hundreds of successful uses taking place. Now, with the help of BetaDen Tech Accelerator; we are currently preparing the system for its first commercial trial with a well-known high street chain of bars.

I envisage a “freedom revolution” from the worry and responsibility of carrying personal belongings, ID, and valuable tech, all of which are increasingly necessary to modern life. The provision of our keyless smart lockers will enable people to enjoy truly stress-free recreational experiences and avoid becoming victims of crimes that can have long-lasting consequences.