Paula could be described as Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) professor-in-residence based on her significant academic achievements, which include a PhD in electrical engineering, patents, publications, keynotes and her forward-looking research roles.

She currently works for JLR in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Ethics & Standardisation Manager, and previously held roles looking at ways to enhance the life of JLR workers by, for example, moving to automation to free staff from the strain of high-volume, repetitive tasks, upskill JLR engineers and technical problem solving, being a 6 Sigma Black Belt.

At European level, she has the ambitions to influence policy and legislation with the European Commission for Autonomous and Connected Driving, particularly looking at ethical, societal, data security and privacy aspects, power asymmetries and to ensure that the whole society benefits from these technology developments.

As such, Paula has published as part of an independent group of experts a report commissioned by European Commission on Ethics of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs). The report includes 20 recommendations covering dilemma situations, the creation of a culture of responsibility, and the promotion of data, algorithm and AI literacy through public participation.

Furthermore, Paula is a BSI delegate representing Jaguar Land Rover and Automotive Group Expert on the ISO/TC 204 Intelligent transport systems and ISO TC241 Road traffic safety management systems WG6 – Guidance on safety ethical considerations for autonomous vehicles.

Paula expertise is recognised by the European Commission since 2015 through the invitation to act as Expert Evaluator for Research and Innovation, H2020 and Horizon Europe on topics as Secure Societies, Electronic Smart Systems, Large Area Electronics, Nextgen EV components, Green Vehicles, AI in Manufacturing.

She is a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), an active IET member, Vice-chair of the Automotive & Road Transport Systems (ARTS) Executive Committee, past Chair of the IET Coventry and Warwickshire LN, leading on events in Ethics of CAVs, generate content and contribute to knowledge, debate, policy and standards.

She’s also a passionate STEM Ambassador (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Women in Engineering Mentor, CEng Mentor for IET and school governor. Paula will continue to engage young people through volunteering activities and to promote the engineering profession.

Paula is a TEDster, organiser and speaker curator for the TEDx Leamington Spa conference.

She is invited as a Keynote Speaker at numerous high-profile conferences, panels and trade shows on Automotive and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and Ethics of New Technology.