Pauline Issard

For many years, I’ve been passionate about new technologies and innovations that could improve our lives. This is the reason why I decided to study engineering. I was lucky enough to get accepted in one of the best engineering “Grandes Ecoles” in France, ENPC, and had the opportunity to work on innovation projects there. For one of these team projects,I discovered the startup world by working with Hellofresh. It gave me a good overview of all the challenges a startup can face: how to deal with suppliers, how to find the most cost effective way to achieve something, how to deal with the investors etc. Although the project was eventually stopped because of an investors’ decision, it made me eager to start my own business. It appeared to me as a thrilling and highly fulfilling experience.

Then I had the chance to be an intern in one of the product development teams at Adidas. I learnt a lot through this experience as I discovered the whole product development process from the inside. I also worked for a glass manufacturer on a project that was about how to use the latest technologies in order to improve the hygiene and product quality in the glass factory. After working for these two big companies, it became clear that I wanted to start my own business in the tech world and to link it with my passion for horses.

So while doing an Msc in Technology Entrepreneurship I started working on the idea of Trackener, a wearable for horses to detect and prevent equine health issues thanks to data analysis. The company is now 2 years old, we’ve successfully raised some money from angel investors, have launched a pilot with several influential actors of the equine industry and are now launching the product to the European market.