Penny Trayner

I am a paediatric clinical neuropsychologist and a clinical psychologist, specialising in community-based rehabilitation for children and young adults with acquired brain injury.

I qualified as a psychologist in 2008 and since this time I have worked for the NHS and in private practice in London and Manchester, and as a part-time academic. In 2012, I established a community-based rehabilitation service for children and young people with acquired brain injuries, providing services for children and families all over England and Wales. My background in technology evolved directly from my clinical experiences of providing clinical leadership to multidisciplinary teams. This role encompasses responsibility for overseeing, coordinating, and monitoring rehabilitation goals and the overall activity of the multidisciplinary team towards meeting these, ensuring that the work carried out is evidence based and meaningful to the individual and that progress is made towards achieving their goals.

To meet these complex requirements effectively, I set out to develop a digital solution to speed up and automate as many of the processes as possible, ensuring that I was able to provide gold standard rehabilitation goal setting without taking up excessive time and also allowing me to remotely coordinate the activities of the multidisciplinary team, who often worked in different services and settings all over the UK. Having evolved organically from these clinical experiences, Goal Manager®, my cloud-based platform for healthcare rehabilitation, is uniquely placed to meet the exact demands of rehabilitation goal setting, using all best practice processes.

I have presented research about Goal Manager® and delivered workshops and training all over the world, whilst continuing to provide a leading service for rehabilitation in the UK. Goal Manager® has received a national award for innovation in brain injury rehabilitation and is successfully being implemented in services across the UK and in the USA.

When I am not being a neuropsychologist, I am also a professional DJ and I have used these skills to co-design a DJ’ing for rehabilitation programme, a vehicle for helping children and adults recover for catastrophic brain injuries.