Petya Tencheva

A career in technology was not what I had my eyes set on when I started my degree in Chemistry in 2013.

Throughout my time at university, I spent a lot of time at networking events, figuring out what I could do with my STEM degree. It’s there that I came to learn that technology is a lot more than learning to code.

This doesn’t mean that when I joined Capgemini UK in 2017, I knew what I wanted to do in tech, I just knew that I was in the right industry. I started off my career in project management office before moving to the world of digital consultancy and eventually user experience, where I have found my passion.

As I have progressed in my career in tech, empathy is the skill I exercise the most. As a User Researcher sitting in the User Experience space, I work with clients, designers, developers, business, and technical architects to elevate the voice of the people who use the technology that we build. Putting humans at the centre of the technology, I help to create intuitive products that people need and want to use.

As a result of my exceptional client delivery and strong contributions to internal company operations, I have been on the accelerated promotion path for all 4 years of my career. As a line manager and mentor, I am passionate about advancing and supporting junior talent. I am particularly passionate about creating open, honest, equal opportunity, routes for progression for all, in a traditionally male-dominated industry.