Pinda Dhillon-Sehra is an executive with 25 years’ gained across Sales, Marketing and Learning and Development. Working across industries from digital startups to established blue chips, of which 17 years has been within the telecommunications industry, Three, EE and currently with BT Consumer. Priding herself as a ‘Creative Learning Disruptor’

Throughout her career, she has championed not just using technology, but thinking differently because of it.

In 1997 while working at Scoot UK, she was recognised within her sales role as the highest banking e-commerce sales executive, however with other colleagues struggling to transition from fixed sales to e-commerce, Pinda approached the Digital team directly and requested she was brought in to help them to upskill the sales executives across the UK by addressing the mindset needed to adopt technology. Signifying her move from Sales to Learning and Development.

Fast forward 10 years from there and Pinda pivots her role again while at Three, and moves from L&D to the Marketing division. Doing so, to learn new skills needed for the future of L&D. She strongly believed that work-based learning would move from a classroom setting to a digital/blended offering.

This was realised when she entered back into the L&D arena at EE. She has since progressed at speed and recently overhauled and implemented an end to end eDigital learning platform and skills capability framework, by equipping learners with the tools, mindset, skills, and behaviors needed in order for EE to become a truly digital DNA organisation. Reinventing L&D functions to be more present at the moment by embracing technology, rather than relying on outdated practices. A believer in, “You don’t have to be in a technology role to leverage the benefits- but doing so, shifts the agenda and outcome for us all”