Abake Adenle | CEO & Founder, ajala

Abake AdenleAbake Adenle is the CEO and founder of ajala, a start-up developing enterprise speech technologies for African languages. Ajala focuses on scalable voice automation solutions for the African market. In 2017, ajala was selected for Visa’s first fintech accelerator for African startups, and as finalist for the Innovation Prize for Africa; and in 2018 as finalist for Spindle’s prize for “Best Innovation for Development.” Abake Adenle is a 2020-2021 AAAS Leshner Artificial Intelligence fellow, where she is focusing on the implications of Artificial Intelligence on African enterprises and consumers. Before founding ajala, Abake was a Vice President equity derivative strategist at Morgan Stanley where she was responsible developing tactical and systematic quantitative trading strategies for institutional investors. She holds a PhD in Information Engineering from Cambridge University.