AI fuelled innovation in HealthTech and Pharmaceuticals

In this session, we will explore what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how it is being applied in healthcare and biopharma with specific real-life examples starting with a plethora of applications of how it was used throughout the Covid pandemic, and then examples of using it to detect rare conditions and save lives.

We also explore guidelines for succeeding with AI before implementing an AI project. Then we discuss the impact of artificial intelligence, big data, and wearables in healthcare and the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare from the advances in AI.

About the speaker

Dr Andree BatesDr Andree Bates, CEO, Eularis

Dr. Andrée Bates is a leading Artificial Intelligence thought leader, tech provocateur, neuroscientist, board director, public speaker, podcast host, author, serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Eularis, a firm focused on tackling industry challenges with artificial intelligence since 2003. She is a leader and innovator in future-focused strategy and technology, and a force for immense change and growth, especially in healthcare and biopharma. Part of her work focuses on the strategic planning of AI across healthcare companies’ entire value chain to ensure that boards understand its value and how to use it to effectively solve their unique growth challenges successfully and that their companies are future-proofed as the world evolves with tech.Dr. Bates has worked in Pharmaceuticals since 1993 in Europe, USA, Canada, LATAM, EMEA, Japan, UK and China.

Dr. Bates is a trailblazer in infusing sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to fuel dramatic improvements in the financial results of pharmaceutical companies through custom, targeted AI solutions. Dr. Bates has led Artificial Intelligence powered analytics programs for numerous top-tier pharmaceutical companies in diverse areas such as clinical trials and R&D, medical affairs and sales and marketing. These have all resulted in measurable growth in profit and market share for her clients. Having worked in the healthcare industry since 1993, she has an enviable contact base of top healthcare CEOs.She has authored many articles in peer-reviewed journals and industry reports and has a monthly column on this topic. She has been a guest lecturer on Healthcare Innovation and AI in four university MBA programs: INSEAD Business School (Fontainebleau) and St Josephs’ University (Pennsylvania), and Fordham University (New York) Global Healthcare Innovation Management postgraduate program, as well being a guest speaker in numerous internal pharmaceutical company meetings and international conferences in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Hungry, Australia, Canada, USA, Latin America, Japan and China.