Alishba Imran | Machine Learning, Robotics and Blockchain developer

Alishba ImranAlishba is a 17-year-old machine learning, robotics and blockchain developer who has a strong passion to leverage technology to solve hard and important problems in the world. At 15, she co-founded Honestblocks, a blockchain platform to track medication and put an end to counterfeit medication in supply chain systems for 2 million people in rural India. This platform was integrated into IBM Blockchain. She has worked with various companies such as TD Bank where she developed a new product to securely allow 2M+ clients to store their personal and financial data. She’s working with San Jose State University and Hanson Robotics, to develop a novel material, design and algorithm to decrease the costs of prosthetics from $10k to $700 and make them easier to use. Alishba’s work is also being applied to robots to improve manipulation techniques and has been published in various prestigious AI workshops such as NeurIPS, AAAS and AAAI. Currently, she is the co-founder of her own startup called Voltx, a machine learning product to accelerate the testing of energy storage devices from 3 months to 3 days. They have large clients such as a subsidiary of Tesla, Eaton and Tecate.

Twitter: @alishbaimran_