Amy Whitell | Co-founder & CEO, Collctiv

Amy Whitell CEO CollctivAmy is the 34-year old co-founder and CEO of Collctiv, which makes it easy for groups to collect and spend money. Prior to Collctiv, Amy was the COO of an EdTech company, responsible for the digital production, B2B sales, international growth and operational teams to grow that company to £18mil turnover and 600 staff. Amy has previously owned her own business, which she started, grew and sold within three years, as well as having been a business consultant and worked in the legal profession. Amy also founded a microfinancing charity, which provided small business loans to ex-offenders after providing them with business training.

Most importantly, Amy is mother to the funniest little guy – Alfred – who is six years old and keeps her thoroughly entertained and amused. She also plays piano, writes her own music and spoken word pieces, and plays basketball regularly in a local women’s league that she founded.