Angelica Stephenson | Senior Technical Product Manager, Apps and Partner Content, Sky

Angelica StephensonA self-described “swiss-army-knife personified”, Angelica has carved a career as a technology generalist in roles spanning Australia and the United Kingdom.

In her playful-yet-disciplined style, over the years she has grown from software developer to a leader of teams delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, to an intrapreneur creating processes for assessing and cultivating tech innovation initiatives for the media industry.

Angelica is an established speaker, with her unique approach to evangelising the benefits and challenges of emerging technologies featuring in tech conferences, podcasts and industry publications.

She is also the co-founder and former chair of Sky’s Digital Ethics Network, an employee network with a mission to bring ethical thinking and design to the use of data and technology.

Angelica’s latest role is as a technical product manager on the smart camera for Sky Glass, collaborating with a talented team of engineers and designers to create experiences for the TV like never before.