Anna Gudmundson | CEO, BioSelf Technology

Anna GudmundsonAnna is a senior technology business leader in the international high-growth scene with 15+ years of experience including CEO, VP Product and interim executive roles, alongside ongoing advisory and contract work in health-tech, SaaS, data and consumer technology. Previously a turn-around CEO, Anna has also helped executives in the technology sector optimize and deliver product, brand and business strategies.

Anna has a keen interest in personal and human improvement, exponential growth technologies, product design, user behavior and psychology, with a focus on transformational technology that does good in the world while having strong commercial viability. This was a key reason behind her joining BioSelf Technology, where she focuses on solving mental health and stress crises, using innovative technology such as Sensate.

Born in Sweden, Anna has lived in 6 countries and currently spends her time between the London and Santa Monica, CA. She is fluent in four languages and developed a 3D programming language as a project in Madrid.


Sensate’s mission is to bring stress resilience and wellbeing to people from all walks of life, using powerful methods and groundbreaking technology.

Based on decades of experience working with stress and trauma-related conditions, we’re bringing a vagus nerve toning system to the mass market that will empower people to improve a wide range of conditions including anxiety, insomnia and stress resilience.