Anup Kollanethu | Partner, UK Head of Legal Managed Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Anup KollanethuAnup Kollanethu is the UK Head of Legal Managed Services with a focus on helping General Counsel (GC) clients to drive forward the transformation of their technology and processes as well as advising on their resource management.

Following EY’s acquisition of Riverview and Pangea3, Anup works with GC’s leveraging existing and mature delivery platforms.

Prior to joining EY, Anup was the CEO for Legal Managed Services at a LSE listed law firm and part of the Executive Team that led the listing. Before that, Anup was the Chief Business Officer at a magic circle firm, where he was responsible for setting up and delivering services from the Global Services Centre in Manchester.

Anup is passionate about mental health and the need for effective mentorship in the legal industry.