Belinda Finch | Chief Information Officer, Three

Belinda FinchBelinda  is Chief Information Officer Three, having previously been CIO at Centrica Group PLC and also Transformation and Digital Director at Vodafone, she is passionate on dispelling the myth there are significant barriers to entry for women in technology, and is an advocate of using exercise to increase productivity, efficiency and peace of mind. She was the only girl COBOL programmer in her company in the mid-nineties trying to fix various millennium bug issues, so is a closet geek. She is originally from Cardiff in South Wales but currently lives near Newbury, Berkshire with her Husband and 10 year old Daughter, Scarlett.  In her spare time, Belinda is a running freak and regularly runs ultra-marathons, recently completing a 32 Mile non-stop run around a 400m track….and yes, she did get very dizzy and very bored!!