Cat Wildman | Co-CEO & Founder, GEC

Cat WildmanI graduated with a degree in biomedical and physiological sciences and went straight into Technology.

When I was tasked with migrating the website of a national newspaper in 2006, I got a learn-on-the-job crash-course in all things digital, and found my home. I went from portfolio management to product management, becoming director of product and finally looking after delivery and product for a global agency. After a failed startup on my first maternity leave (every founder has one!) I found Nic Ponsford my co-founder in 2018 and we spent 2 years researching and writing a framework and leadership training, for gender equality and inclusion, in education and business.

Once it was finished, we got seed funding and then entered lockdown where we developed our app whilst homeschooling our kids and drinking a lot of gin (not at the same time). We launched The GEC App in September 2020!

Twitter: @catwildman2000