Cecile Bartenieff | COO and Global Head of Technology and Operations for Societe Generale Global Banking & Investor Solutions Member of Societe Generale Strategic Committee

Cecile BartenieffCecile began her career in 1990 at Accenture’s consulting division before joining BRED Banque Populaire in 1995 where she worked successively as an Arbitrage trader and then in sales for large Corporates. Cecile joined Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking in 2000. She held various managerial positions within the Finance and Operations Departments before joining the COO office of Global Markets. In 2014, Cecile was appointed Head of Operations for Global Banking & Investor Solutions. She was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Global Banking & Investor Solutions on June 2017.

Cecile holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the ESSEC Business School.



Twitter: @cecilebarten