Cheryl Laidlaw | Founder, London Web Girl

I own and run a creative design agency Website in a Day in London. I’m passionate about design and the importance that brand awareness can have, whether you are building a personal brand, small business or a global company. I’ve seen first hand the impact that a consistent brand message can have.

As a Web and a Graphic designer I also become increasingly aware of how social media plays such a critical part in establishing a brand’s presence. In a unique move I extended my services to include Social Media. Offering not just social media set up but also training and consultancy.

My alter-ego, London Web Girl, was officially launched in 2017. Originally something I created in my spare time it has, like Website in a Day, grown into its own brand. The idea originally focused on me, a woman in tech, and all the issues and insight that goes with tech and web, but gradually grew to me talking about lifestyle topics and I am so pleased to say that my current Instagram following is more than 27k. Through London Web Girl, I have been invited to work with amazing brands and individuals and establish myself as a leading light in the tech and web world with a huge passion for helping women in the industry.