Christina Hu | AI Product Manager, Babylon Health

Christina is an AI Product Manager at Babylon Health. She finds the problems that can and should be solved by AI, conceives solutions to them and works closely with diverse talent (from Machine Learning Engineers to UX Designers, from AI Research Scientists to Business Development!) to guide the development of these AI-powered products. Christina is currently focused on solving the problem of understanding users’ intent.
Prior to joining Babylon Health, Christina worked as a Senior Strategy Consultant for EY. There, she supported a variety of major iniatives in the Healthcare space, including advising on national NHS transformation projects and helping to launch a new business to “uberise” the NHS workforce.
Beyond Healthcare, Christina also notably led a high-profile, cross-Whitehall project to identify potential high growth businesses using machine learning at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.
Now, AI Product Management allows Christina to combine her broad business acumen with her love for science and tech – which she developed while studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.
Earlier this year, Christina published thought leadership on AI in Healthcare on behalf of Babylon Health – see her AI Blog Series here.