Darshita Gillies | Founder & CEO, Maanch

Darshita GilliesListed among the 100 Most Influential in UK – India Relations, Darshita is Founder & CEO of Maanch – a multi-award winning global impact platform connecting high impact organisations around the world with philanthropic and impact capital providers and linking global progress on SDGs. Her aim is to leverage the power of emerging technologies to address the complex business and societal challenges we face in a more sustainable, conscious, and strategic way. Her experience builds on and blends 3 facets, ‘Finance’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Planetary Sustainability’. With a professional background as Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Executive Coach, Impact Investing and FinTech/ Blockchain Specialist, Darshita also serves on Boards of ‘For Profit’ and ‘Non-Profit’ organisations.



Twitter: @DarshitaGillies