Devina Paul | CFO, Zumo

Devina PaulDevina is CFO of Zumo, the Edinburgh based self-sovereign wallet which allows your money and cryptocurrency to work seamlessly together.

Devina has 20 years’ experience as a finance professional and has spent the last 10 years working with entrepreneurs and founding teams to prepare their businesses for investment, scale, high growth and exit. She has multiple exits and funding rounds under her belt and deep experience of putting in processes and operations to facilitate growth and scale, building best in class finance teams and working with founders to achieve their goals.

As well as her work with Zumo, Devina is an early-stage investor and co-founder of Galvanise Capital, an angel investment syndicate. She has several board NED and advisory roles, is a trustee Re:Generate which focuses on supporting purpose in business and is an advisor to One Tech, an organisation working with underrepresented entrepreneurs. She is also a keen advocate of financial well-being and accessibility as well as hosting workshops around getting investment and providing investment.

Twitter: @DGalvanise