Didem Un Ates | Chief Executive, LotusAI Ltd

Didem Un AtesDidem Un Ates is an AI/ Generative AI and Responsible AI executive and certified coach with 26 years of background in management consulting (Capgemini, EY, and Accenture) and industry (Motorola, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric).

She recently served as the Vice President, AI Strategy & Innovation, for Schneider Electric. In addition to defining Schneider’s AI/ Generative AI Strategy and innovation roadmaps, her charter covered strategic partnerships, startups/VCs/PEs, academia, Data & AI upskilling, and Responsible & Sustainable AI.

Didem, a Goldman Sachs Value Accelerator Senior Operating Advisor & AI/ Generative AI Council member, tinyML Foundation Board member, and a Forbes Tech Council member, is a passionate AI practitioner with multiple awards such as Tech Women 100 Champion and Trailblazer 50. She directly supported the birth and incubation of Microsoft Business AI Solutions at Microsoft Research and led Alice Envisions the Future/ Girls in AI Hackathons which has since been developed into several Diversity in AI programs across Microsoft and its Fortune500 customers and partners.

She has also lead operationalization of Responsible AI at Accenture, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric, putting her energy towards the future of AI and Generative AI, operationalizing responsible and sustainable AI practices as well as helping C-level executives with compassionate talent transformation. Prior to Schneider, she headed Applied Strategy, Data & AI, at the Chief Data Office of Microsoft Customer and Partner Solutions, focusing on Microsoft’s largest Data, AI, and Metaverse engagements and partnerships including OpenAI.