Dimitra Christakou | Commercial and Services Director, WISE

Dimitra ChristakouDimitra joined WISE in April 2017 to support WISE’s efforts to increase women’s participation contribution in STEM. She brings along a strong background in leading revenue and relationship management teams combined with lengthy experience in designing though leading services.

Dimitra is also the co-founder and director of Sustainable Blueprints, an intellectual property and strategic analysis consulting firm. In the past, she was the Head of Water Insight Services at Bloomberg New Energy Finance responsible for the product’s overall strategy and direction, and a global team of water analysts. Also, she has held positions at Accenture and the Corporate Finance Practice of the Corporate Executive Board.

She received her Bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Crete in Greece. Dimitra holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College of London and an MBA from London Business School.