Diviya Devani | Quantum Sensing Consultant

Diviya DevaniDiviya is a Systems Engineer specialising in quantum sensing in space. Diviya has contributed to cutting edge technology development in the UK, supporting some of the top technical companies (Teledyne e2V, e2E)  in her field, resulting in her making significant contributions to both public and private organisations (UK Space Agency (UKSA), European Space Agency (ESA), OneWeb, Inmarsat).

One of Diviya’s most notable achievements is leading a team to design, test, and build a quantum cube satellite; the first of its kind in the UK/EU; being a vital first step towards the development of a space quantum gravity sensor that will have enormous practical impacts across a range of industries, including mining, infrastructure, and defence.

Diviya’s work has been published in top-tier journals in her field such as the the Council of European Aerospace Studies Space Journal, and she has presented at internationally renowned conferences, such as the ESA’s 4S Symposium and the UK Space Conference.

Diviya is currently a Quantum Sensing Consultant for Q-CTRL, who are one of the global leaders in Quantum technologies. She is also a systems engineer at a leading satellite communications consultancy, e2E. Diviya’s volunteer work with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), and as a STEM ambassador, serves to promote the space industry to the public.