Dorothee Schobert-Sargent | Managing Director, Credit Suisse

Dorothee (Doro) Schobert-Sargent is a Managing Director in Credit Suisse’s Group Chief Information Office, based in Zurich. She is the Head of IT Infrastructure Switzerland and Head of Workspace Devices Services within the global End User Services organization.

Doro holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. After working at the Institute of High FrequencyEngineering in research, she joined Credit Suisse in 1998 as an engineer in Infrastructure Services. Since then, she held a variety of positions in the IT Infrastructure Services organization in Zurich and in New York and was responsible for modernizing, globally standardizing and increasing efficiency in how End User Services were delivered.

Doro is also an advocate for the proliferation and enhancement of STEM studies for girls. Her own interest in the sciences and technology flourished in an all-girls educational environment that empowered her to pursue her strengths. She acknowledges there has been little change in gender parity in her field of studies in last 20 years – and she is intent to help change that. Her leadership and sponsorship of the Zurich chapter of the IT Women’s Champions (ITWC) provides a platform for that mission, as well as an avenue for empowering and inspiring female technologists at Credit Suisse.