Dr Catriona Wallace | Founder & Director, Flamingo AI

Dr Catriona WallaceDr Catriona Wallace has been recognised by the AFR as Australia’s Most Influential Woman in Business & Entrepreneurship. Based between the Australia and the US, Catriona is the Founder of newly launched consulting practice, Ethical AI Advisory  https://ethicalai.ai/  and is the Founder & Director of Artificial Intelligence company Flamingo Ai. Catriona was the second only woman led business ever to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Catriona was the co-founder of successful businesses, ACA Research and Fifth Quadrant, she is an Adjunct Professor at the Australian Graduate School of Management and is one of the world’s most cited experts on Artificial Intelligence, ethics, women in leadership and crisis leadership. Interestingly, Catriona was once a police officer and … also owned a night club. Recently the Royal Institution of Australia recognised Catriona as the one of Australia’s pre-eminent scientists. Catriona, sits on the Board of Responsible Technology Australia, is a philanthropist, human rights activist and …. mother of five.