Dr. Noha Ahmed Al-Harthi | Technology Lead, Technology & Digital Sector, NEOM

Dr. Noha Ahmed Al-HarthiDr. Noha Ahmed Al-Harthi is the Technology Lead in the Technology & Digital sector of NEOM, where she is leading NEOM’s initiatives on emerging technologies such as advanced robotics and human-machine interfaces. In her role, she is leading the efforts of shaping the future of robotics with a focus on general-purpose robotics (GPR) and NEOM Robotic Development Center (RDC), which will become the world’s most advanced robotics R&D center. In addition, Dr. Al-Harthi is leading T&D Research collaborations with world-class universities and institutions, locally and internationally, focusing on developing cutting-edge and next-generation solutions to deliver advanced technologies that match the scale and scope of NEOM’s ambitions. A Saudi national, Dr. Noha is the first researcher from the Middle East to win the prestigious Gauss Award (2020) for supercomputing excellence, has published several research papers on high-performance computing (HPC) and supercomputers and is a sought-after speaker in her field, presenting regularly at international technology and academic conferences. She holds Ph.D. and a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and is also the first authorized female drone pilot in Saudi Arabia. Passionate about championing women in technology, Dr. Noha is the embodiment of a modern, progressive KSA where a Saudi woman can play a leading role in one of the most cutting-edge, frontier technology business units at NEOM. In addition to continuing to push boundaries in her technical field of expertise, it is her hope that through her own experience and achievements, she can help shift external perceptions of what’s possible for Saudi women to achieve both domestically and globally.