Esther O’Callaghan OBE | Founder & CEO, hundo

Esther O'Callaghan OBEFrom being the first female DJ/producer to own a specialist vinyl store in Manchester to building the world’s first on-chain campus powered by its own token for Gen Z (with some waitressing, window cleaning, and IronMan training in between), it’s been an incredibly unique journey. Esther is part of the first all-female De-Fi delegation to the European Parliament, and has over 20+ years of experience across UK Govt, Local Authority, NDPBs, CSR, ESG, ED&I, the arts, culture, music, and third sectors. After dedicating her life to tackling youth unemployment, resulting in hundreds of thousands of children and young people supported nationally and worldwide, Esther’s is upskilling a generation of young people in web3 and metaverse, enabling them to work, earn and learn, wherever they are in the world.


Twitter: @metaesther42