Georgina Calvert-Lee | Equality & Employment Lawyer, Head of UK Practice, McAllister Olivarius

Georgina Calvert-Lee featuredA barrister with a background in UK and US civil litigation, Georgina leads the UK employment and harassment practice at the feminist law firm McAllister Olivarius, specialising in representing victims of sex discrimination, bullying and harassment, in the workplace and online.

Georgina’s vision for her work is to make a better world where the law works for everyone.

With experience in various forums – the Employment Tribunal, CICA, High Court and County Court – Georgina can guide clients through the respective merits of each. She has advanced High Court claims under the Protection from Harassment Act, for breach of confidence and misuse of private information, and represented Chrissy Chambers in the first civil claim for non-consensual sharing of intimate images to end in payment of substantial damages.

Georgina has also brought discrimination claims for clients outside the employment context. She represented the Manders in their landmark adoption discrimination claim; and represents numerous students and academics in discrimination claims against their universities.