Gerty Bester | Director Global Product Management, SAGE

Gerty Bester featuredFrom a young age, Gerty has always had a sense of motivation and passion, driving her forward. Whether it’s exploring unique opportunities, learning additional skills, or meeting new people, she brings these values to every experience throughout her life on a personal and professional level.

Gerty started her career as an accountant but quickly realized balance sheets and trial balances were not for her. Dipping her toes in the accounting technology industry, she fell in love with the world of technology and flourished from there. Her career consisted of holding various executive positions in all areas of business, including commercial, product, and general management.

She enjoys giving back by mentoring other women on maximizing their potential. She is currently completing her MBA through Quantic School of Business & Technology. Gerty received national colors in chess in primary school and is an avid reader and theatre-goer. She is proud to have traveled to more countries than she is years old.

Gerty has consulted to various blue-chip companies in the tech industry from a product marketing and strategy perspective.