Graham Joyce | Co-Founder, DuoMe

Graham JoyceGraham’s career spans two decades of working in Commercial Director roles at large corporations in London and New York.  In 2016 he changed tack and decided to enter the world of startups looking for a faster paced but flexible approach to working which allowed him to spend more time with his family. Fast forward to 2018 and discussing the lack of flexibility in many organisations with a friend of his, they decided to start exploring how technology could facilitate flexible working for companies and individuals. DuoMe was launched in response to lots of research into how people can continue on their career path without being compromised for wanting a more flexible way of working at certain periods in their life.

The DuoMe SaaS platform simplifies the way companies manage and offer flexible working opportunities such as Job Sharing and Remote Working. Individuals can use the platform to find job share partners and roles offering all types of flexibility.