Hayley Bakker | CPO & Co-Founder, Diversely.io

Hayley BakkerHayley Bakker is the CPO and Co-Founder of Diversely.io, an end-to-end hiring platform that uses tech to reduce bias in the hiring process for businesses.

As a former consulting and finance professional, Hayley brings tech experience gained from launching her talent off-shoring start-up, Colibri Growth, to lead the product and tech elements of Diversely. Co-founding Diversely with the company’s CEO Helen McGuire in April 2020, she is following a long-held passion to find a sustainable solution to workplace inequality; an area she has a demonstrated history with as MD of Girls In Tech in Singapore from 2018 to 2020.

With a vision for the company to reduce workplace bias for all those from under-represented groups by creating a scalable, global solution through the use of AI-driven tech, Diversely successfully completed its pre-seed round in November of 2020 and has a five-strong team working to deliver online solutions for its clients in beta, with a full launch expected in Q2 2021. With Hayley’s finance, tech and product background, she is a fierce advocate for under-represented groups in this space and continues to host, speak at and join events globally on the topics of diversity, equality and inclusion in tech.

Hayley has an academic background in engineering and finance, and began her career at an International bank in Hong Kong. Another five years spent in consulting – in M&A and business transformation – in Amsterdam and Singapore, led her back into banking, working with business, product and tech to make

Standard Chartered Bank globally more client centric, cost-efficient and a better place to work. Concurrently, she picked up new core skills including human-centered design, agile methodologies and UX/UI design.

Hayley is a polymath with a passion for globe-trotting, splitting her time between Vietnam and Singapore where she lives with her partner and key supporter in life, Jeroen. She is an accomplished athlete, enjoying everything from a casual jog to ultra-marathons and loves reading – especially with her book club – and exploring new places. She thrives on meeting new people and sharing ideas.