Jacqui Wallis | CEO, Genius Within

Jacqui WallisAs one of three female Directors of Awarding-winning social enterprise Genius Within, Jacqui’s role as CEO is to shape and grow Genius Within’s inclusion work within the field of Neurodiversity. Genius Within’s work is strongly rooted in research, building consensus, and expanding understanding in the field of Neurodiversity at Work.  Most recently they launched the Centre for Research for Neurodiversity at Work in collaboration with Birkbeck, University of London.

Working in a psychology-led practice, Jacqui and her team advise businesses on how to build inclusive workplaces and cultures, ensuring that neurominorities are able to bring their best self to work every day. She encourages a focus on the environment, not the individual, to engender positive and long-lasting change for her clients.

As 90% of all disabilities are non-visible it is essential that neurominorities are not forgotten and as a Dyslexic woman, Jacqui knows all too well the common oversights that prevent inclusion from becoming a reality, having masked her own condition for most of her professional life.

With over 26 years in business, Jacqui is highly experienced in Leading service delivery to some of the world’s largest brands. Through Jacqui’s background innovating in advertising, she understands the importance of communication in the workplace and brings a wealth of experience to her work with Genius Within. Couple that with her motivation, energy, and desire to change the world, she is a tour-de-force in the inclusion space.