Jaione Pagazaurtundua-Alberte | Digital Transformation & Edge consultant; Leading 5G Cloud Edge product development, Vodafone

Jaione Pagazaurtundua-AlberteJaione Pagazaurtundua-Alberte is an independent technology consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in Telco and Transformation.  She currently leads the 5G cloud Edge product design and development for Vodafone. An entrepreneur at heart, Jaione has set up two businesses already, focused on IoT and Cloud as key enablers for business transformation.

Jaione is a self-defined geek, who loves to simplify technology for non-technical people. As a product leader in Vodafone, Jaione has defined new standards for product development and led key multichannel and service transformation initiatives to simplify development and speed up time to market.

Jaione is a cloud evangelist, using cloud as a key enabler to make technology transformation cheaper and more agile for businesses of any size. Jaione is leading the evolution of Edge Computing, 5G and IoT to make cloud technologies available everywhere with the high performance required to enable key new technologies like artificial intelligence for real time decision or augmented reality for immersive experiences.