Jazz Rasool | Research Fellow in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), AR & VR, Ravensbourne University London.

Jazz Rasool

Jazz is a developer at the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) based at Ravensbourne University London. His focus is on creating workflows for the latest technologies to be adopted for training in education and employment. His recent TEDx talk discussed his methodology of ‘Mental Diversity and Inclusion’ and how critical it is for the sustained Creativity needed for Innovation, a strong Economy and Social Cohesion. As part of a European Consortium  driven €2.8m project he helped develop Wearable Technology / Digital Health equipment for professional training, including monitoring performance during VR and AR training of International Space Station Astronauts.  He helped design and deliver a 2020 London Mayor funded initiative to teach Architecture, Engineering and Construction employees to integrate workflows for  AR, VR and 3D Print into their working practices. For the last five years he has been mentoring women in a female entrepreneurs initiative as well as emphasizing the need for women and the feminine in ethical development of Artificial Intelligence innovation.

Current Research Topic: Mental Diversity and Inclusion

Workflows to take Creativity to Innovation
‘Mental Diversity and Inclusion’ explores how creative teams and innovation projects must work with the right diversity and inclusion of perspectives using strategic mixes of mindsets, techniques and technologies. New methodologies show that modern forms of digital media, wearable technology and immersive reality experiences must be able to storyboard their design, implementation and dissemination across many realities, interfaces and sensory channels. All this must be done while trying to respect mindsets, techniques and technologies adopted for life, work and business. What sustains Creativity enough to yield Innovation? How can this generate value for Economic and Social Impact?

Twitter: @ravejazz