Kat Holmes | Data Director, MenopauseX

Kat HolmesKat has been transforming organisations through technology and data leadership for the past 19 years – most recently as a data director specialising in strategy and governance. A moderately successful filmmaker for 12 years, Kat is passionate about the potential of data to tell meaningful stories to customers and internal business teams alike, and has spent the last few years helping Fortune 500 organisations such as Travelex and ITV pivot their data strategies to more closely align to business value creation, to be cloud and AI tech driven, but to still keep people at the heart of the storytelling.

Kat has also recently been able to integrate her lifelong commitment to ESG into her data career, through her public talks on diversity, inclusion and belonging in data teams.

This year Kat has put her hand up to lead an ESG initiative on behalf of Women in Data® , partnering with leading menopause health and education practitioners on a data strategy for menopause in the UK, and the provision of support to female data leaders.