Kayleigh Oliver | Founder & Creator, Junction 5 Studios

Kayleigh OliverKayleigh Oliver is a highly experienced and skilled development professional. Since graduating with a BSc in Software Engineering, she’s worked in development roles within award winning tech companies for over 10 years.

In 2017, Kayleigh created Junction 5 Studios, an app development company with a mission to create projects that positively impact women and the Black community. Since incorporating, Junction 5 has worked with a number of small charities and non-profit organisations aligned with its mission. One of which was Peace Child International where Junction 5 developed a prototype of the Ishango app. The app utilised image-based training to build business skills for women in Liberia and Sierra Leone to manage their stock and business finances. For her work with Ishango, Kayleigh was a finalist for the Social Good Black Tech Achievement award 2020.

Her first-hand experience of being a minority in the tech space has led Kayleigh to encourage other black individuals and women into the tech industry. She intends to use Junction 5 to help with this cause. She hopes to drive this forward with Junction 5’s next project called FOBBS (Figures of Black British Society) which will highlight and showcase the Black Britons and their achievements both historical and current day. This will utilise a number of different media including VR to bring the historical figures to life, become accessible and engaging to a wide range of ages. With this resource, Kayleigh aims to build an educational, inspirational and vocational tool to be used by all Britons.

Today, Kayleigh is currently the QA and Release manager for a cutting-edge VR technology company in London working within Junction 5 Studios part-time.

Twitter: @KayleighOliver