Kerrie Dorman | Founder of the Association of Business Mentors; Head Mentor, Sinclair Dorman

Kerrie DormanAs founder of the Association of Business Mentors and voted 2019 ‘People’s mentoring champion’ at the National Mentoring Awards, Kerrie is one of the UK’s leading female professionals in business mentoring and coaching.

Since 2006 Kerrie has been operating in the coaching and mentoring world. Her professional business mentoring programmes are bespoke to each business. Kerrie’s professional mentoring provides a fresh and critical eye to all parts of a business, with her solutions helping to achieve positive changes that allow businesses to make the best decisions for their future. From providing solutions to introducing managerial entrepreneurial spirit, to shedding frustrations and achieving political harmony, Kerrie listens carefully to her clients to get to the heart of what they need to do to make the best decisions for their business at the time.

Kerrie’s own businesses include sectors from leisure, beauty, hospitality and retail, to recruitment and membership associations.

Now, as well as well as managing mentoring schemes with her team, Kerrie trains professional business mentors and speaks at events across the UK to promote the powerful and influential role that professional business mentoring has on the UK business community.

Twitter: KerrieDormanLtd