Lauretta Eustace | Technology Programme Manager, Strategic Projects, Northern Trust

Lauretta EustaceWhile my early professional roles included teaching, and performing as a classical musician, it was in technology in the Northern Trust Financial Services organisation that I unexpectedly found my professional home for over eighteen years. In that time, I have honed skills in software development, in process evaluation and redesign, in project and programme management, in the strategic development of teams globally, and in change management and organisational transformation. One thing this journey has taught me is that it really is all about people – how we are treated and how we treat others materially affects how successfully we work together and deliver business value.

My personal experience of mentoring and sponsorship came quite late in my career, and thinking of what I could have done if I had had his support at an earlier stage has made me a strong proponent for the mentoring, development and sponsorship of others. I am a regular mentor in Lean-In Mentoring Circles, and recently in the Code First Girls: Hack from Home Competition.

I have a B.A in musicology, a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) all from Trinity College, Dublin