Lisa Goodchild | Chief Trouble Maker, Digilearning

Lisa GoodchildTechnology is everything to me, I remember the local library, our haven as a kid, getting its first computer and my brother and I sat searching for every book in the building. That is where it all began and my realisation of the power of tech and of founding my first agency creating websites back in the early 2000s. Building some of the first ecommerce websites for the likes of Panasonic, Ted Baker and gaining investment for the first female online publishing group with over 11 blogs and 2 shopping portals, walking away, understanding what my business ethics are and going on to build my current digital agency Digiwoo.

We work with some of the coolest brands and people on the planet; Hewlett Packard, British Airways, Goldman Sachs, Panasonic & Ted Baker, from June Sarpong CBE, Shaa Wasmund MBE to MOBO Awards founder Kanya King CBE. I have a passion for inclusivity and in particular females co-founding WIE with June Sarpong in the UK and founding Digital Leading Ladies, a group of forward thinking ladies in the technology and in particular adspace.

Growing up the poorest kid on the council estate has been my greatest asset but only when I was brave (always be braver as Gemma Greaves would say) enough to believe. If you marry a masters on the street and how to fight your way to the top with digital skills the only way is up and that is why I am so very passionate about young people realising what they have and where they can go, hence creating and founding Digilearning my social enterprise and our Digilearning Foundation charity.

We want to build one the biggest edutainment brands in the world ensuring inclusivity and digital skills to build a better future for our young people and in particular from underserved communities. I want young people and the people around them to understand the power of digital and how they can use it. Let’s “Make wealth common” as Anthony Joshua would say.

Yep life’s a hoot and I am also lucky enough to mentor for Google & Virgin as well as being a Marketing Academy Alumni and a Marketing Academy Apprenticeship Charity Trustee. I am very proud to have been named British Entrepreneurs Top 100 last year (2019) and I loved taking part on ITV’s Primetime TV show The Big Audition as a judge. I love to talk so get in touch and let’s change the world together.

Twitter: @lisagoodchild