Lorraine Tew | Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, Microsoft Cloud

Lorraine TewLorraine Tew, Microsoft Cloud Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, inspiring effective partnership sustainability strategies to achieve a circular economy

Being a strong voice for social justice and inclusion has been a constant thread in Lorraine’s career. Currently an active member of the Microsoft community of sustainability professionals, Lorraine and her team are leading the cloud supply chain collaborations to achieve contributions towards Microsoft’s ambitious carbon reduction goals. Bringing 15 years of IT lifecycle hardware experience and an edge for visualizing creative and effective  solutions to measure performance based on science led methodologies, Lorraine brings trust and integrity to value chain relationships, which is key to success.

Lorraine’s passions have included seeking empowerment for young homeless people, those recovering from addiction and people with accessibility challenges. Using her voice now to empower us as individuals and organisations to reduce our negative footprints on the planet feels right at such a critical time in history.