Marie-Clare Fenech | Committee Member Tech London Advocates (or TLA), Tech for DisAbility

Marie-Clare FenechMarie-Clare Fenech is on the Steering Committee of Tech London Advocates, Tech for disAbility, a group dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the value of technology innovation and startups to benefit disAbility.

Previously, Marie-Clare spent over 20 years in Technology Recruitment and Executive Search as a Board Director, Managing Director and Business Development Head.

Her award-winning CSR programmes, Unicornz and Next Tech Girls give purpose to organisa- tions, educate Girls in Tech and STEAM, create Women Leaders and help increase Social Inclu- sion, Equity and Intersectionality.

Born with a sensorineural hearing loss, Marie-Clare learned to lipread from an early age. Educated in Italy, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Honours degree in Psychology in the UK.

Twitter: @mariefenech