Mariquit Corcoran | MD – Head of Barclays Ventures U.S., Barclays

Mariquit CorcoranMariquit Corcoran is a Managing Director at Barclays. She is Head of Barclays Ventures U.S. and is based out of New York. Mariquit has spent nearly two decades in the financial services industry, holding positions and leading teams in businesses spanning across fixed income, operations, risk management, finance and banking. Prior to joining Barclays, she led the team responsible for sourcing and closing deals for all strategic engagements of a newly launched FinTech, Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

Her current responsibilities include oversight of the global FinTech Accelerator program at Barclays, designed to fast-track the next generation of FinTech businesses, while bringing innovation and application opportunities to Barclays, and leading the Rise Platform.

Rise, created by Barclays is a physical and digital ecosystem where FinTechs around the world can connect, create and scale through engagement with Barclays.  She is responsible for working with various teams across the firm to enhance existing relationships with external companies and identifying new opportunities to partner with strategically relevant companies. Throughout her career, she has been heavily involved in mentoring, coaching and diversity and inclusion initiatives.  She is the executive sponsor of the Female Innovators Lab by Barclays and Anthemis, aimed at helping female entrepreneurs in New York launch new companies.  Mariquit was recognized in the HERoes Top 100 Women Executives of 2019 by Yahoo Finance.  Outside of the office, Mariquit is an avid runner, dancer, paddle player and endurance racer. Mariquit serves on the Strategic Advisory Board for FTV Capital. She was a Presidential Scholar and earned a BBA in Finance and Investments from Bernard M. Baruch College, summa cum laude.