Maxine Paintain | Lead Product Manager, DWP Digital

Maxine PaintainMaxine Paintain is the Lead Product Manager in the Department for Work & Pensions. She has been working in Government for over 20 years.

She’s a talent champion, a social super and love the power of networks and communities.

Maxine is also full time working mum of two amazing children and therefore an advocate of brokering and promoting balance, openness and flexibility in all working environments and cultures.

Supporting, encouraging and enabling other women is one of the things that she loves to do. Helping to identify and provide a platform for super talents, enabling people to find their purpose and flourish by being you, are really important aspects of leadership to me. She believes leadership radiates in all directions, when the new ideas and fresh perspectives are a part of daily conversations, this is a great place to be.

Maxine is highly optimistic and bring lots of energy to the roles I’ve undertaken.  She also really wants to make a difference and continually improve things for citizens. Being in the Product profession allows her to truly represent the user, to make connections between the real world, policy and intellect.  Solving complex problems, enabling transformation and delivering great services are all measures of success in her career.

Twitter: @MaxiPai