Meenal Upadhyay | Full Stack Developer, Morgan Stanley

Meenal UpadhyayMeenal Upadhyay is a full stack developer in the Legal and Compliance division of Morgan Stanley, where she has been working for last 3.5 years. She is also the Co-Chair of Morgan Stanley’s Glasgow Cultural Awareness Network, bringing fresh ideas and energy to the committee.

She has represented the Firm at a number of external events to promote careers in technology such as the #MSTechnicallySpeaking Women in Technology (WIT) Conference in 2020 and the CyberFirst Girls Competition. She is also a passionate STEMAmbassador, and outside of work, Meenal teaches kids how to code without keyboards, and has presented on Scottish Asian Radio station AwazFM on various topics on online safety and STEM for Women.

Meenal had won WeAreTheCity Rising Award for Banking and Finance in 2021. She is also the finalist of SWiT awards and Scottish Financial Enterprise Award in 2020.